Age: 59

Profession: Sales

Crossfit Experience before starting at IPC: none

Previous physical activity/exercise background: Due to a back injury and poor judgement, I’ve had very little physical activity for the last 20 years. Walking, a bit of hiking.

I have been going to Integrity Performance Crossfit 2 or 3 times a week for six months. I love it. I have virtually no gym experience in my past but the very little I have has taught me I get bored very quickly and it’s really easy to get hurt. Last fall I came to terms with myself that I needed to change my life as I was extremely fit as a teen and in my 20’s, very active in sports of all kinds, but after 30+ years of almost no structured exercise I had reached a point of being the heaviest and the most sedentary ever. At 56 years old, I decided if I was going to be able to walk up a flight of stairs in 20 years I better start moving now.

Crossfit appealed to me as it has lots of variety, and IPC seemed to fit me as they keep the classes small, they promoted scaling each exercise to the level of the person’s ability, and it’s fairly close to my home.

IPC has changed my world – I feel much stronger and more fit in only six months. My biggest weaknesses are definitely my lower back and cardio, and both have been vastly improved. I have learned key strategies for strengthening my core, which have reduced the amount of lower back pain I have and I feel a lot more energized over all. I’ve even started doing some jogging on days I’m not at the gym. I have been curious about working with weights for years, and am finally having the opportunity to learn how to do it properly and love it. The best part is doing different things or different combinations of exercises every class. It’s never boring.

I was apprehensive that at my age, weight and fitness level, I would be looked down at or made to feel that I didn’t belong, but Integrity promotes community, inclusion and encouragement – some of the folks are super fit and strong, some not so much, some have been doing it for years, and some are relatively new like me and, for the most part, everyone has been super supportive and encouraging. Although every practice is individual work, it’s almost like I’m on a team, if I succeed, I feel like everyone feels the success.

My success solely rests on the training and supervision I have received. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable on correct practices for different movements, and lead us through practice movements for each exercise before executing – especially when working with weights. In addition to the training they push – they can see when something looks too easy, and encourage to go faster, or harder, or add some weight. Plus they are a lot of fun – I keep asking them to have pity on the old broad but so far that hasn’t worked.

Although I have a long way to go to be truly fit, I’m well on my way. I love Integrity Performance Crossfit, and I’m very grateful I have this facility in my life. I would (and have) recommend IPC to anyone regardless of age, fitness level or weight.

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