The Name


The Name

This is my inaugural post on the Integrity Performance webpage page. Most people who know me know I’m not a very poetic person. I speak most of the time about research, science and logic. However, today because it is my first post, I will write a little more from the heart. This post is for my friends and family who were supportive, and encouraging. It is for my friends and family who will in the future be part of what Integrity Performance becomes.

I have chosen a difficult path. I passed on a career that was safe and in which I could have made lots of money for the pursuit of passion. On multiple occasions I have questioned my choice (as have some of you, I’m sure). So thank you all who stood beside me even when things were tough and it would have made more sense for me to pursue other endeavours. It hasn’t been easy and I know it will get even more difficult over the next few months. But I am willing to take this risk and I am hoping for your help along the way.

The famous question ‘What’s in a name?’ from Shakespeare’s Juliet comes to mind. Why Integrity Performance you may ask?

Having integrity means that even when things get tough your actions fall in line with your beliefs. But I want to go a little deeper than that. A good set of beliefs is important to direct us, to motivate us, but a belief is abstract and when our stories are written in stone we will ultimately be remembered by those who matter to us for our ACTIONS, for our deeds.

Integrity Performance is about DOING. It is not about talking about what you would do if you were fitter, stronger, faster. It is not about reminiscing about days gone by when you were ‘in the best shape of your life’. Get in the best shape of your life!

It is about becoming what YOU CHOOSE to become! (credit to Carl Jung) Don’t just believe, DO.

Integrity Performance is about doing the things we always wished we could or thought we should. Whether it is doing a single pull up, climbing a mountain, running a half marathon, doing an obstacle race, competing at a high level in sport, or even keeping up with your children or grandchildren later in life. People have either come to hate CrossFit or idolize it. To me it is just a method of training that allows us to do these things and improve on them. There are other ways to go about it. You don’t have to do it my way, but I promise you, I know how to make you move better!

If you believe doing is important and hope someday you won’t look back and think ‘ I wish I had of done that”, then Integrity Performance is for you. We are about the PURSUIT, not the destination.

Just as Juliet did, I too believe the name is not important. It doesn’t matter what we call ourselves, our actions are what truly matters, we are our actions. We (Keith and I) have started Integrity Performance to help you live the life you dream of living. By allowing us to do so, you help us live the life we dream of living.

I cannot put into words how appreciative I am for your support, except to say thank you and I hope to see everyone who has been supportive when we open.

Discover your potential.


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