Julie Walton

Lifestyle Coach Service Provider

Julie Walton

Lifestyle Coach Service Provider


Julie is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, where she specialized and certified as an Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

Julie then worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canadian Sport Institute for 7 years and as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist for 2 years.

After dealing with health issues, Julie had to make lifestyle changes, which has led to her passion for cooking and recipe creation. She creates healthy food combinations that taste great. She has become extremely passionate about helping individuals improve their digestion, energy and overall health through nutrition. This led her to start her own business Julie Walton Health. She has also graduated as a Culinary Nutrition Expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.


• Bachelor of Kiniesiology (B.Kin)

• Certified Exercise Physiologist

• Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

• Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert