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Age:   37

Profession: stay at home Mom to 6-year-old twins

Before joining IPC I had never picked up a barbell or even attempted a pull up. I had always done some running and had a mainstream gym membership, although getting bored and not going, was mainly what happened. I enjoy hiking but, since becoming a mom, my energy levels dropped and I had lost all interest in going to the gym. My husband joined IPC before me. He was motivated and excited about it. Coming home to tell me about the community feel and the support that he received. 6 months later I joined, and I have never been so motivated to work out. The coaches are fun and supportive, but take their jobs seriously. Always making sure that my form is correct, as to not injure myself. There is no pressure to be the fastest, only to be the best I can be.

I did not realise that, prior to IPC, I had avoided failure as much as possible. If an exercise/situation was hard, I would walk away. I have learnt, through good coaching, that I may fail, but I may also succeed. And when I do succeed it will feel amazing, because I worked hard for it. Sometimes I leave after my class and I am on cloud 9 because I did things I never thought possible.

Before starting IPC I was worried about loud competitive men. I was worried about not fitting in and failing. None of these things have happened. From the first training session I had at IPC, I have felt included and I am always working out with friends. No matter what the weights on the bar is, as long as I am listening to the instruction and trying, it is good enough.

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