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Age: 30

Profession: Exercise Physiologist, nutrition specialist and Mom

CrossFit experience before joining IPC: none

I have worked in the past with athletes and have worked with all different ages and populations.  I honestly had only heard negative things about CrossFit coming from a strength and conditioning background. I talked to the coaches and they explained their philosophy and how they organize their training at IPC – it completely made sense physiologically. It is a really good idea for anyone who is trying to get and stay in great shape no matter where they are at. I have had many years of training experience but after coming back from maternity leave, I was a bit nervous about going to a gym especially a CrossFit gym. Everyone at IPC was encouraging and it did not matter what your fitness level was, the coaches made you feel completely comfortable and demonstrated what variation of the workout you can do. The coaches at IPC have extensive backgrounds in strength and conditioning with athletes and the average population which makes them comfortable adapting the workout for any injury or fitness level, (that is hard to come by). The coaching at IPC is the best you will find anywhere in Calgary. After having a baby and now being pregnant again, I finally feel strong and feel as if I will be able to keep fit throughout my next pregnancy. I never feel as if I am being judged for how much weight I am lifting and if anything people are just happy when you show up.

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