Before joining IPC I went to a traditional gym facility, I wanted a change but I took my time trying to figure out what exactly it was that I wanted and IPC was what I had been looking for.

The coaches are great and have taught me so much in a short period of time. They are true to their name; it is all about Integrity Performance. They are extremely dedicated, willing to go the extra mile and always want the best for their members. They genuinely care about our progress and push us out of our comfort zone while also being highly conscious of our safety so we can continue to come back daily.

The training program is excellent and has proven results from all the committed members. Since joining I’ve improved my form on all the lifts (deadlift, snatch, clean…) and achieved a personal best on each one.

The community and coaching at IPC is why I keep coming back; everybody is welcoming and it feels like home every time I walk through the door. I have met some really great friends along the way and enjoy watching all of us improve and continuing to find and push for our better selves.

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