Age: 59 Profession: Sales Crossfit Experience before starting at IPC: none Previous physical activity/exercise background: Due to a back injury and poor judgement, I’ve...
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Before joining IPC I went to a traditional gym facility, I wanted a change but I took my time trying to figure out what exactly...
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  Age: 75 Profession: volunteer work, accountant Hobbies: golf, stamp collecting Crossfit experience prior to IPC: none Previous physical activity: walking, golf, yard work At...
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Age: 30 Profession: Exercise Physiologist, nutrition specialist and Mom CrossFit experience before joining IPC: none I have worked in the past with athletes and have worked...
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  Age: 37 Profession: Arborist/Urban Forester Previous physical activity experience: Came from a rugby playing and “industrial athlete” background. Before joining IPC I had never...
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  Age: 36 Profession: Small business owner Hobbies: Family I am happy to write a testimonial for an organization that fulfills its brand promise of...
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