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Age: 36

Profession: Small business owner

Hobbies: Family

I am happy to write a testimonial for an organization that fulfills its brand promise of Integrity.

When I turned 30, a lot changed. Gone were the days of being a varsity athlete with very little responsibility. Life now included the responsibilities and blessings of being a husband, father and entrepreneur. I was striving to be the best I could be in these key areas of my life, but began to notice an erosion of my competitive drive and fitness level. My workouts were becoming shorter and staler and I was stuck in a constant state of mediocrity in my fitness. Worse off was how this state of low fitness was negatively affecting my mindset, stress levels and mental emotional state.

One day during an unfocused workout, void of a meaningful warm-up I decided it would be good idea to perform a heavy barbell snatch. The result was a partially torn rotator cuff and immense frustration with self. After picking myself up, I sought out two accomplished professionals to handle my acute care. Upon completion, I again felt restless and frustrated with my fitness level. I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone and take action  to find the right people with the right expertise, in the right environment.

To make a long story short I read a blog that was published by Integrity Performance Crossfit (IPC), that absolutely struck a cord and resonated to my core. The blog clearly articulated a vision for fitness that meshed with my own. One that promotes quality of movement, injury prevention and technique prior to progressing to heavy, technical lifts under fatigue. Jackpot, I thought. Now how about their coaching credentials? I meticulously looked at the backgrounds  of the expert team at IPC and immediately gained confidence that this was the place for me. So I took the leap, phoned  the guys and got my first taste of the community I’ve come to greatly appreciate.

IPC is an important discipline I’ve built into my life as it helps me to become the best version of myself. With greater fitness, I am able to be a more engaged husband and father (see picture) and have the energy and strength to fully participate in my life.

Thanks IPC. You truly do meet your brand promise of Integrity.


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