Age: 37

Profession: Arborist/Urban Forester

Previous physical activity experience: Came from a rugby playing and “industrial athlete” background.

Before joining IPC I had never experienced a CrossFit training program. I had played at a high level of amateur rugby but had always found the strength and conditioning programs dull and insular.

I joined IPC because I was looking for a programme that would improve my general fitness and bodyweight movements (i.e. calisthenics, running, climbing) so that I could continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Now being a year into my membership, I feel like I have joined a community of like minded individuals who motivate me to strive towards better functional movements and ultimately; greater fitness. As a consequence, my original goals have been surpassed by new goals and I look forward to continuing this lifestyle for many years to come within this community that has been forged by our coaches and members.

The coaches are dedicated to fulfilling your lifestyle potential and genuinely want their members to profit both physically and mentally from their training, honest feedback and awesome motivational skills. I call these coaches my friends.

One word – Amazing…

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