Friday November 17th

A. Handstand Practice


7 min AMRAP:


7 Box Jumps

7 T2B

Rest 2min

5 min AMRAP:


5 Box Jumps

5 T2B

Rest 2min

3 min AMRAP:


3 Box Jumps

3 T2B



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Wednesday November 15th

A. Muscle Up Practice

B. EMOM x 30 (alt):

2 Muscle Ups

4 KB Swings

6 Push Jerks


This is directly out of the CrossFit L1 manual. Jumping muscle ups are not a good regression for a muscle up. They will not lead to the proprioceptive awareness needed to do an actual movement. This is why we work on the skills required to do a muscle up. Look at the big picture and not just what the WOD feels like today.

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Tuesday November 14th

C. 6 sets:

20m 1A OH Carry (alt arms each set)

20 1/2 Kneeling KB Halo

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Monday November 13th

A. Split Jerk Tech

B. Split Jerk – 3 x 3, Rest 2min

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Sunday November 12th

A. KB Snatch Tech

B. For Time:

20 Box Jumps


20 Deadlifts (@~75%1RM)

20 T2B

20 Push Ups

20cal Row

20 Ring Dips

20 Wall Balls

20 Pull Ups

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Friday November 10th

A. Pistol Squat Tech

B. EMOM x 24 (alt):

3 box jumps

5 pull ups

7E pistol squats

9GHD sit ups

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