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Here at IPC, we want you to stay safe, get fit and get strong. We don’t just want experienced gym goers, we want to see those of you whom have never set foot inside a gym or those with little experience. Your health and well being should not be sacrificed at the expense of a lack of knowledge or experience! Here is the awesome part: our Introduction Classes will teach you the basic movements and exercises you can be expected to perform in CrossFit! You will be taught in a limited size class with others of all ages and skill levels. These classes are designed to be non-intimidating, community driven group sessions that support learning, not ego.

Our 6-session Introduction Course is written by our Director of Sport Performance, Steven Brazil. The sessions are 1-hour each. Steven and our team will inquire about your exercise experience level, and spend the 6 sessions analyzing how well you currently move in the areas of basic functional movement as well as incorporating workouts based on these movements. These classes will teach you about proper squatting, pushing, pressing and lifting, as these are all movements that we do in everyday life, whether it be carrying groceries or a child, digging in the garden, lifting something from the ground, or putting an item away on a high up shelf.

CrossFit is designed to make you strong in these functional areas, making your life better.

Here is a breakdown of what the classes will focus on:

Class 1 — Neutral Spine: Theory about Functional Movement, Fitness and what CrossFit is. Practice natural body positions, neutral spine / midline stability, and the Overhead Squat position.

Class 2 — Lower Push: Lower body dominant pushing movements, such as the Front and Back Squat & various common squatting movements practiced in CrossFit.

Class 3 — Lower Pull: The movement of lifting such as the deadlift, and various common lifting movements practiced in CrossFit.

Class 4 — Upper Push: Upper body dominant pushing/pressing movements, and various common push/press movements practiced in CrossFit.

Class 5 — Upper Pull: Upper body dominant pulling movements and various common pulling movements practiced in CrossFit.

Class 6 — Olympic Lifting: An introduction to the basic movements involved in Olympic weightlifting, and its benefits.

There will be a short workout to conclude each class. It is desired that you take the classes in order, as their content leads into one another, please book on our schedule accordingly.


$ 150.00 + GST, for the 6×1-hour Classes

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