Athletic Development

Athletic Development Program

This program is for anyone between the ages of 13 and 17 involved in any sport or just looking to develop a broad range of physical abilities.

It has been well known by the top coaches in the world for a long time that early specialization in sport is not a benefit to young athletes but actually hinders their long term adherence to sport and is a detriment to their physical development. An internet search for «early specialization in sport» will provide you with an amazing amount of information saying this is not in the best interest of your child (or check out this link Anyone telling you they should, either doesn’t know any better or is financially tied to your child’s participation.

According to Sport for Life’s Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) guidelines most athletes entering our program will be in the «Train to Train» stage (

Following the LTAD guidelines our program is meant to teach (or build upon) young athletes movement skills based on their development stage that will apply universally in sport and/or an active life.

These skills include:

-landing/deceleration mechanics

-jumping mechanics

-multidirectional agility/acceleration/deceleration

-upper and lower limb coordination

-proper biomechanical lifting patterns (also known as functional movement-our bodies are not designed to isolate muscles to create movement)

Our focus here is to create a base from which to build a robust athlete who is physically competent in many areas. This base includes the development of multiple energy systems (aerobic and anaerobic). The bigger the base, the bigger the potential to succeed in any sport.

Coach Steve has worked with thousands of developing athletes in a variety of sports. Using an individualized assessment Steve will identify gaps in the athlete’s capabilities and provide a tailored program to address these issues. To allow for this individualization of training the program size will be a maximum of 8 athletes.

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, Sunday at 9am (Althetes are encouraged to attend as many sessions each month as possible)

Cost: $ 200 + GST/ month