High Performance Training


For most people a general physical preparedness (GPP) training program is what would benefit them the most, but when individuals have specific goals based around sport a more specialized approach is required. This does not just mean increasing the intensity or volume of a GPP program.

True High Performance (HP) training requires in depth analysis of the individual, the requirements of the subject activity/sport/position and even the phase of the competitive season. HP training is the development of a specialized physical preparedness (SPP) program based around this analysis.

Are you an individual looking to compete in CrossFit or another sport? Are you the coach or athlete on a team that requires specialized training? Integrity Performance CrossFit has the knowledge and drive to build a community of High Performance Athletes with its specialized training programs. We exist to make people healthy and strong but we also exist to take those willing to an elite level.

Let INTEGRITY HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING take you where you want to go!