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We exsist to provide our membership with the methodology to increase their fitness level and to instill life-long health knowledge through unrelenting integrity of instruction in a community supported environment


Keith Loach & Steven Brazil first met in 2010 while they were working with amateur Canadian athletes at Winsport Canada Facilities in Calgary, AB. They quickly discovered they both had a passion for CrossFit and High Performance Sport. The idea to open their own facility was something they both had constantly creeping around in their heads. They shared a common vision of wanting to enrich lives by teaching people about health, proper movement, and physical conditioning. Finally in the early spring of 2014, they decided talking about their passions was getting them nowhere — and they decided to put actions to words, with the goal to open Integrity Performance CrossFit.

Now, that vision has become a reality. Integrity Performance CrossFit officially opened its doors in November of 2014.