The CrossFit Games Open — Participation at IPC

The time is once again upon us for the 6-month journey which is the annual CrossFit Games! Please take the time to view this video and read this article so you have a full understanding of the who/what/why/when of the event.

CrossFit Games Background

The competition has been held since 2007 and is designed as a three stage qualifying process to determine the fittest CrossFit man, woman and team in the world. The beautiful part about the CrossFit Games is that any human being alive can participate. It is open to anyone and does not require any sort of qualification. The first year of the Games was dominated by Canada, as Canadian Men James Fitzgerald and Brett Marshall took 1st and 2nd place respectively in the men’s category. The next couple of years Canadian men, women and teams continued to place very well. While the playing field has now evened out over the years, Canada made a return to the podium last year with Canadian Female Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet winning the Fittest Woman Alive 1st place finish.

This years Games began on January 15, 2015, as worldwide registration opened up on the CrossFit Games website.

Anyone and everyone can register for the first stage of the process — the Worldwide Open. This first stage will feature a series of 5 workouts, 1 week apart each, that all participants will be judged scored on. The top 40 men, 40 women and 20 teams will then move on to the 2nd qualifying stage — The Regional Qualifier, to be held throughout May in various locations. After this, only the top 1−3 participants from each category will advance to the final stage — The 2015 CrossFit Games, to be held July 21−26 in California.

The Worldwide Open stage will begin with the first of its 5 workouts released on Feb.26, with a period of 5 days for participants to complete it at a CrossFit location.

Integrity Performance CrossFit Participation

IPC is new, and all of you are the fantastic group of new members/supporters who are lending a hand in developing our personality each and every day. Whether you are here 6 days per week, once a week, or simply have dropped in to check us out, it doesn’t matter — you have all played a role in helping us get off the ground and create what will be our legacy for years to come.

What you have already taught IPC is that, like what is so prevalent within the CrossFit world, you have fire, spirit, personality, determination and capability.

What we ask now is that you take those attributes and channel them towards the Worldwide CrossFit Games Open. We want to see all of you participate.

For most of you, it will not be about qualifying to make it to the 2nd level of qualification… its not about winning… its not about competing against each other. Its about competing for yourself and supporting your fellow members. Its a chance for you to prove that you CAN do something extraordinary and do it alongside all those whom you sweat and work hard with here at IPC or at another gym.

At times, life is not easy. We are faced with challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable. In CrossFit, when you are 30 seconds away from starting the workout of the day… and you have that nervous feeling in your gut… those second thoughts… you always find a way to prevail. You always finish or try your hardest. You always feel better and stronger for doing so. The more we are faced with challenges like these, the stronger we become and the better we become at dealing with them.

Join us in tackling the Worldwide CrossFit Games Open as a united team, and become stronger for doing so.

All of the workouts will be scalable. All the workouts will be fashioned in a way that they can be attempted by anyone. We will make sure we act with Integrity and have a plan for every participant.

How To Join

On the CrossFit Games website,, you can sign up in moments. It will ask you details about yourself, and which CrossFit affiliate you are a member of. There is also a $ 20 fee that you will have to agree to and pay.

IPC Participation Dates

IPC will host each workout on the five Saturday’s of the 5 workouts. Dates will be February 28th, March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28. On all of those days, the WOD will be whatever the Open Workout is of that week. The 10am class is when the scoring of the workouts will begin, and we will continue until all participants have completed the workout. Further information about schedules/times/registration etc. will be released to you later, as we sort out the logistics.

Not going to be in town for all the workouts? It doesn’t matter. You can still go to the nearest CrossFit location to wherever you are and be judged/scored there.

Not near a CrossFit gym at all? Still no excuse! You can record the workout by video and submit it online for judging. Exact rules/regulations about this can be found on the CrossFit Games website.

Don’t let fear, intimidation, or confidence be what holds you back from participating. Instead, lose fear, lose intimidation and gain confidence by being a part of this experience. Let’s show the CrossFit world that IPC may be new, but we and you are serious about becoming better every single day!

Please contact us in person or by phone if you would like to more information. If not, we look forward to seeing your names being registered online one-by-one!

Keith & Steve

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  1. Ryan

    Hey guys,

    My training partner and I are looking to do the open this year. We are not members of a crossfit box so I was just curious how much it would cost us to drop in to participate on the Saturdays for the open workouts?




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