Sunday February 8th

A. Hang Clean — 6×3 @ 55% of est 1RM, Rest 60s

B. EMOM x 5:

5 Wall Balls (for height)

C. Rest 2 minutes

EMOM x 5:

5 CTB Pull Ups

One Response to “Sunday February 8th”

  1. Rebecca

    A. Worked up to 105
    B. 15lb wallball
    C. Kipping CTB
    2 MU’s…just for fun

    Playlist items:
    Judith: Perfect circle
    Got your money: Ol' Dirty Bastard
    Ooo ohh: Daniel Westly
    Don’t forget me: Red Hot Chili peppers
    Touch it: Busta Rymes
    Gimmi Some more: Busta Rymes
    Dead and Bloated: Stone Temple Pilots
    Animal: Pearl Jam
    Go: Pearl Jam
    So Cold: Braking Benjamin
    The diary of Jane: Breaking Benjamin
    Evil Angel: Breaking Benjamin
    The Gift: Seether
    See you at the bottom: Seether
    My Disaster: Seether


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