Wednesday December 17th

A1. OHS @ 40% - 6×3 @ 13X1, 60s Rest

B. 6 Sets (rest 90s Btw):

6E 1A kB OH lunges

6E 1A KB Clean and Press

6E 1A KB swings (alternating)

3 Responses to “Wednesday December 17th”

  1. Keith Loach

    A) Used 75# (Known PB 175#).

    B) Used 20# left arm / 35# right arm for lunges, 35# for C&P, 70# for swings.

    This one was a real tester of concentration, focus and technique, as anything overhead in wide grip or single arm has to be perfect movement to avoid tweaking left shoulder.

  2. Paige

    A) 73# (I don’t have an established 1RM OHS weight yet)
    B) 25# for KB workout

    Thanks, Coach Steve!


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