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"They are true to their name. Its all about Integrity.." - Member Marc P.


Contrary to popular belief CrossFit is NOT a type of workout. Plain and simple, CrossFit is a general fitness PROGRAM done in a group environment.

A general fitness program incorporates various types of training with the goal of improving multiple domains of fitness including but not limited to speed, strength, power, endurance and mobility. CrossFit is not meant to improve any one of these domains by sacrificing capacity in the others. This is what specialized athletes do, but it is not what is required by the average person who wishes to be healthy and fit.

CrossFit facilities are not franchises hence, they DO NOT all offer the same program. The quality of the program you will find at each gym depends highly on the education and experience of the owners and coaches. At Integrity Performance CrossFit (IPC) we focus highly on teaching proper biomechanical movement so you can remain injury free and capable of long term improvement, not short term gains.

Unlike some fitness facilities that treat training like a competition on a daily basis, at IPC we train using the best practices from the strength and conditioning world and test our program by occasionally repeating benchmark workouts. IPC provides quality instruction and a supportive group training environment as well as specialized training programs when required. Our coaches will modify every training session to the individual’s capabilities.

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CrossFitters: You don’t need that much chalk!

I had an epiphany about 4 years ago… It came after one specific day of leaving a CrossFit gym I had visited with chalk all over my hands, face, head, neck, and clothing. I was sick of chalk. So I dared to let the forbidden thought of «what if I used less chalk?» creep into my head. I went home and thought a lot about it. I mean its seems like an impossible suggestion right? Less more »